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OUR Machinery

Our lines of machines are from the one of the best manufacturers in the international market.

Coil Liner

  • Our factory process starts at the coil liner. The coiler provides two individual slots for different gauges of sheets.
  • As of now we provide ducts varying from 18 gauges to 24 gauges, namely 18,20,22,24 and 26.
  • The Coiler has the ability to groove sheets, which provide strength to sheets and provide cutting for different duct locking systems like C&S and TDF.
  • The machine also completes folding of sheets as per dimensions for rectangular duct units.

Lock Forming Machine

  • Next in line is the lock forming machine, that creates different lock systems depending on the requirements of different units.
  • The lock former can create locking system with about 6 different types of locks that provide strength depending on the various types of ducts.

TDF Machine

  • To create TDF flange locks
  • There are mainly two kinds of flange systems of duct connection. American standard and European standard, which is TDF flange recommended by SMACNA association
  • The machine knows flange structure very well, and quite familiar with the standards of duct pressure test and leakage test, including SMACNA, DW144/142, GB50243-97 standards.
  • Comifo flange forming machine can satisfy different requirements in different markets.

Pneumatic Folder

  • Taking 4-cylinder pneumatic system as power source,two cylinders are used for bending when the other two are used for pressing.
  • Working stably without power makes the machine an efficient ideal equipment, and our company can customized general type according to the customer requirements.

Power Flanger

  • This power flanger has the "auto-guide" feature, which automatically controls the forming of a right-angle flange. It will contour and follow any edge, straight or curved.
  • Using the convenient table slot, the operator merely turns up a starting edge, starts the material through the rolls and lets go. A calibrated dial sets the auto-guide for work with radii as small as 3-1/4″. Two flange heights are available

Pittsburgh Seam Closer

  • Standing and Angular seams on prefabricated sheet metal assembly parts such as roof coverings, heating and air-conditioning ducts or car body components are pressed together and sealed by hammering. This free-standing seam closing tool made by Trumpf allows work to be performed even into tight corners. The Pittsburgh Lock Seam is the ideal seam joint for connecting straight or curved sheet metal parts with pre-formed edges. Pittsburgh Lock Seams provide smooth and aesthetic connections without the need for additional fastening elements. Trumpf Seam Lockers close Pittsburgh seams in an automatic, rolling operation. Automatic feed control of the Trumpf Pittsurgh Seam Locker Machine guarantees consistent seam quality.

Plasma Cutting machine

  • Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, Stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well.
  • With the aid of the computer designing and the precision of the plasma cutting unit, we are able to get the maximum out of any specific dimension of sheet.
  • The state of art software enable us to directly cut sheet precisely and accurately from ducting drawing provide by the designers.


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